Dispute Resolution

Our unique, truly integrated, international structure mirrors our strong cross-border focus. We value and promote continuity and strong client relationships. Our teams are tailor-made, assembled from every practice area and across our network of offices. Many of our lawyers are recognised as leaders in their practice areas, and our clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge and the rich diversity of talents, languages and cultures that makes our lawyers particularly versatile and adaptive.

  • Our lawyers’ experience of court and arbitration proceedings enables us to find solid and practical solutions for our clients; where necessary to act decisively, where appropriate to seek out-of-court settlements.
  • We operate four offices in Switzerland and two abroad, and are thus in a position to act in all of Switzerland’s regions and in all Swiss courts, up to the highest level, and before any arbitral tribunal, institutional and ad hoc.
  • MLL Legal’s lawyers are known to be at the forefront of dispute resolution trends, being ranked as top practitioners by industry guides (Chambers, Legal 500, WWL). They work in transversal cooperation with other departments in order to best handle the specificities of each industry.

Our team can offer you access to experts on the following topics in particular:


Transnational litigation and international judicial assistance in both civil and criminal matters form a significant and growing part of our litigation team’s activities.

Transnational litigation and international judicial assistance in both civil and criminal matters form a significant and growing part of our litigation team’s activities. Our knowledge, experience and academic expertise allow us to provide our clients with reliable and efficient advice and to be at the forefront of new and complex legal issues emerging in the transnational legal world.

We assist in debt collection cases and advise on bankruptcy law and its implications, whether national or international in nature. Another area of our expertise is inheritance law, often combined with questions of succession or transfers in companies.


MLL Legal’s arbitration team combines decades of experience in international arbitration with a deep and specialist knowledge of international business law.

What matters in domestic and international arbitration is to resolve the dispute efficiently and successfully, keeping in mind that a legal solution is a means to a business goal.

Over the last five decades, we have represented clients and acted as arbitrators in hundreds of commercial and investment disputes under the world’s most prominent international arbitration rules (ICC, ICSID, SCAI, CAS, LCIA, DIS, VIAC, CAM, SCC, NAI, DAI, IATA, WIPO, UNCITRAL) and in arbitrations seated in Switzerland and across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Asia. We also conduct arbitrations in specialised areas, including sports, commodity trading, trust & estates, and investor-State.


Through an extensive academic and practical knowledge of alternative dispute resolution, our team of lawyers assist clients in mediation proceedings. Mediation is a useful and flexible method of dispute resolution, suitable for international and domestic disputes. Whether in a conflict where parties wish to eventually preserve their personal or commercial relationship, or within an Arb-Med, Med-Arb, or Arb-Med-Arb procedure (mediation coupled with arbitration), our team of experts are suited to intervene as clients’ counsel.

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Decisions and Arbitral Awards / Attachements

For many states, companies and high net worth individuals having their seat or domicile and/or assets in Switzerland (bank accounts, art collections, shares of companies, real estate, aircraft, etc.), an important part of our activity consists in obtaining the recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions and in attaching assets located in Switzerland. Our experts have invaluable experience in complex enforcement and attachment proceedings involving various jurisdictions, parties and locations.

White Collar Crime

Regulatory or civil proceedings often run parallel to criminal investigations. Always when white collar crime issues are involved, the stakes for a company, organisation or individuals are high. Fraud including Ponzi schemes, embezzlement, tax evasion or money laundering are the most common types of white collar crimes. With our experts in criminal law we always create a unified plan of action. Our team assists clients preventively, before rules may have been breached, or in the aftermath, where a breach has been established.

Fraud Asset Recovery

Our white collar crime experts seamlessly work with colleagues and other experts across the globe to recover the proceeds of fraud. Areas covered include asset tracing, asset recovery due to international fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, bribery, misuse of confidential information and intellectual property. Our work is often associated with search orders, freezing orders or disclosure orders or even travel restraint orders.

“MLL Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Froriep’s dispute resolution/litigation practice stands out for me from other Swiss firms as fact-paced, proactive and inclusive to other cultures and practices. Their on-boarding and decision-making at the on-boarding stage are well ahead of many Swiss firms. They also clearly understand different approaches to litigation coming from other jurisdictions and are flexible and understanding in their collaboration”

Legal 500 EMEA, Dispute Resolution, 2022

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