Management Team

At MLL Legal we believe in leadership that is approachable, agile and efficient and that promotes new up-and-coming leaders with fresh ideas and innovative mindsets. As such, a delegation of three partners is appointed to the management committee for a few years, after which their roles are transitioned to other partners in the firm.

From left to right:

Samuel Ljubicic: Responsible for Finance
Serge Calame: Responsible for HR and Marketing
Kilian Schärli: Managing Partner and responsible for IT and Office Management

Heads of Operations

Additionally, our management is complemented by our operational Heads of Finance & Office Management, HR, IT and Marketing, making up a management team of dedicated individuals with outstanding leadership skills.

From left to right:

Jorge Sanmiguel Blanco: Head of IT and Office Management
Ning Sadlon: Head of HR
Ivo Cotti: Head of Finance
Wilma Zgraggen-Burlon (not pictured): ad interim supervisor Marketing


Our Board of Directors is constituted by five Board members. It bears the ultimate responsibility for the supervision, strategy and long term success of the firm.


From left to right:

Dunja Koch: Member
Nicola Benz: Vice-chair
Alexander Vogel: Chair
Nadine von Büren-Maier: Member
Simon Holzer: Member