Management Team

At MLL Legal we believe in leadership that is approachable, agile and efficient and that promotes new up-and-coming leaders with fresh ideas and innovative mindsets. As such, a delegation of three partners is appointed to the management committee for a few years, after which their roles are transitioned to other partners in the firm.

From left to right:

Samuel Ljubicic: responsible for Finance and Office Management
Serge Calame: responsible for HR and Marketing
Kilian Schärli: Managing Partner and responsible for IT

Heads of Operations

Additionally, our management is complemented by our operational Heads of Finance & Office Management, HR, IT and Marketing, making up a management team of dedicated individuals with outstanding leadership skills.

From left to right:

Jorge Sanmiguel Blanco: Head of IT
Ning Sadlon: Head of HR
Ivo Cotti: Head of Finance & Office Management
Wilma Zgraggen-Burlon (not pictured): ad interim supervisor Marketing

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is elected for the term of one year and constitutes of five Board members – a chairperson, a vice-chairperson and three members. It bears the ultimate responsibility for strategy and financial success of the firm.

From left to right:

Simon Holzer: member
Nicola Benz: vice-chairperson
Alexander Vogel: chairperson
Nadine von Büren-Maier: member
Hubert Orso Gilliéron: member