Investigations & Compliance

The attorneys of MLL Legal’s Investigations & Compliance industry group provide expert advice to assist you in managing the legal, commercial and reputational risks associated with investigatory and compliance issues, whether they are internal or in response to governmental action.

The attorneys of MLL Legal’s Investigations & Compliance industry group render expert advice on setting up well-designed compliance programs for our clients and assist our clients in implementing and training on those programs in their day-to-day business operations.

If you require assistance as part of a national or international investigatory or compliance matter, our multilingual attorneys cover all the questions that arise in such matters, including procedural laws, data privacy, blocking statutes, and labor and employment.

The attorneys of MLL Legal’s Investigations & Compliance industry group have experience in:

  • Assisting banks in connection with the US Program for Swiss banks
  • Conducting internal investigations for Swiss banks in connection with regulatory issues in various FX matters
  • Providing legal defense to many clients in FINMA enforcement procedures and SRO sanctions procedures
  • Assisting several clients in AML remediation projects
  • Advising companies in cases of suspected theft or embezzlement of company property by current or former employees
  • Assisting a pharmaceutical device company in successfully transferring data outside of Switzerland and in line with the blocking statute and data privacy laws in response to a government investigation
  • Providing legal defense to bank employees in money laundering criminal investigations and litigation
  • Creating competition law compliance programs
  • Conducting industry-specific virtual and on-site competition law compliance trainings for in-house legal departments, business developers, sales managers, among others
  • Assisting clients in dawn raids and investigations led by the Swiss competition authorities
  • Providing risk assessments in cases of anticompetitive conduct and assisting clients with leniency applications before the Swiss competition authorities
  • Conducting an internal investigation for an international organization following allegations of financial mismanagement
  • Conducting internal investigations following allegations of sexual harassments by senior managers or employees
  • Conducting internal investigations following claims of unfair competition
  • Designing organizational structures on how companies should respond to compliance emergencies
  • Assisting US monitors appointed by US Department of Justice regarding their auditing work in Switzerland
  • Representing foreign companies and law firms being accused of violating Swiss blocking statutes
  • Advising many clients who were victims of Ponzi schemes on conducting the necessary investigations, coordinating with the prosecuting authorities, and assisting in recovering assets abroad

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