Dr. Kilian Schärli, LL.M.
Dr. Kilian Schärli, LL.M.

Dr. Kilian Schärli, LL.M.

Managing Partner/Associé/Notaire, Zoug/Zurich

Grabenstrasse 2 | CH-6340 Baar | Suisse
Grabenstrasse 2 | CH-6340 Baar | Suisse
T +41 58 552 03 50


Dr. Kilian Schärli est associé gérant de MLL Legal. Il travaille avec des clients nationaux et internationaux dans les secteurs de la technologie, de l’industrie et de l’Internet. Il est spécialisé dans la propriété intellectuelle, la technologie blockchain, la distorsion de la concurrence, l’octroi de licences et la distribution. Il dispose d’une expertise particulière en matière d’activités commerciales et transactionnelles dans ces domaines.

Kilian Schärli est co-directeur des groupes industriels Blockchain Technologies et MLLStart ! Il occupe des postes de direction dans plusieurs organisations locales et internationales.

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Prix & Classements

IP Stars Notable Practitioner 2024Legal 500 EMEA Leading Individual 2024Legal 500 EMEA Recommended Lawyer 2024Chambers and Partners Fintech Global Practice Guides 2024Chambers and Partners Fintech 2024 Kilian SchärliClient Choice Award 2024IP Stars Notable Practitioner 2023Best Lawyers Kilian Schaerli 2024Legal 500 EMEA Next Generation Partners 2023Legal 500 EMEA Recommended Lawyer 2023Chambers and Partners Fintech Global Practice Guides 2023Chambers and Partners Fintech 2023 KISCBest Lawyers Recognized in 2023Chambers and Partners Europe 2022 Kilian SchärliLegal 500 EMEA Recommended Lawyer 2022Who's Who Legal Switzerland Recognized in 2022IAMPatent1000 Recommended Individual 2022Chambers and Partners Europe 2021 Kilian SchärliLegal 500 EMEA Recommended Lawyer 2021Who's Who Legal Fintech & Blockchain 2021Best Lawyers Recognized in 2021Legal 500 EMEA Leading Individual 2020
  • « I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the invaluable guidance provided by my legal advisors, Kilian Schärli and Reto Luthiger. Their expertise, professionalism, and unwavering support have been instrumental in resolving my legal concerns » – Legal 500 EMEA, Fintech, 2024
  • « The team around Simon Holzer is one of the best to advise on patent matters in Switzerland, especially in the life sciences field. Ulrike Ciesla and Kilian Schärli are also outstanding. They are always great to work with in pan-European litigation projects » – Legal 500 EMEA, Healthcare and Life Sciences, 2024
  • « Kilian is a wonderful lawyer, with great judgement and knowledge of the law. He is a pleasure to work with » – Chambers and Partners, Fintech, 2024
  • « He is always accessible, provides great advice, and is an effective lawyer » – Chambers and Partners, Fintech, 2024
  • « Kilian has always been extremely polite, correct and his fine character attracts positive attention which can also be seen in the interaction with his own colleagues » – Client Choice, FinTech, 2024
  • « Kilian Schärli uses a proactive approach and shows multiple solutions for the client. He has the capability of connecting the correct experts at the right moment; his extensive network of experts is extremely valuable. His ambition to solve any problem for the client and to find the best suitable solution in time, budget and content is remarkable » – Client Choice, FinTech, 2024
  • « Kilian deeply understands the business and commercial aspects of a transaction, and offers custom tailored advice to clients to help them achieve their business objectives. He is one of the best lawyers whom I have met » – Client Choice, FinTech, 2024
  • « Kilian Schärli is the most pragmatic, competent, customer-oriented, and empathetic legal advisor » – Client Choice, FinTech, 2024
  • « Dr. Kilian Schärli provides a brilliant customer service: he is extremely competent and knowledgeable as well as customer focused. His very sensitive and empathetic behaviour is very helpful and has already shown significant success in highly tense situations in which he provides more comfort to all stakeholders » – Client Choice, FinTech, 2024
  • « Reliable, industry knowledge, understands the client » – IFLR 1000, 2023
  • « Kilian Schärli brings in-depth SPC know-how to the table. Co-leading the blockchain group, he has experience in dealing with highly advanced technological cases » – IAM Patent 1000, 2023
  • « Super responsive and supportive, clear know-how leader in how to create efficient legal structures for token emitting entities. Always goes the extra mile for his clients beyond any experience we had with other law firms » – Legal 500 EMEA, Fintech, 2023
  • « Kilian Schärli and Simon Holzer are outstanding, since they are always looking for the best solution for the client » – Legal 500 EMEA, IP, 2023
  • « Kilian is deep into the blockchain industry and knows how the business works and how business should be set up for product development and management » – Chambers and Partners, Fintech, 2023
  • « He stands out and is among the top three lawyers we have worked with globally. His level of dedication and sophistication is excellent while still maintaining a hands-on approach when it comes to solving problems »– Chambers and Partners, Fintech, 2023
  • Kilian Schärli has been appointed in the 2022–2023 leadership team of the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI)’s Young Members Congress (YMC) as International Chair.
  • « Always does a tremendous job. He is great to work with, hands-on and develops the most impressive strategies » – IAM Patent 1000, 2022
  • « Kilian Schärli is a highly esteemed and well-connected practitioner in the field of fintech who is highly sought after for his practical advice » – Who’s Who Legal, Global Leader Blockchain, 2022
  • « Kilian Schärli handles a huge amount of crypto legal issues brilliantly. Great communication skills and understanding of the needs of our company. Always finds a solution in the most challenging circumstances » – Legal 500 EMEA, Fintech, 2022
  • « Very easy to work with and a good appreciation (and enjoyment!) of IP law and practice in Switzerland. He is very bright and quickly grasps complex technical subject matter » – Legal 500 EMEA, IP, 2022
  • « Kilian Schärli is recognised as a skilled and driven individual and as a leader in his field of expertise – which is why he clearly stands out as the lead partner. Kilian Schärli is really smart and committed. He always goes the extra mile for us and is available 24/7. He is down to earth and has an extraordinary sense for commercially good solutions. It is indeed a true pleasure to work with him » – Legal 500 EMEA, Healthcare & Life Sciences, 2022
  • « Kilian Schärli is noted for his know-how in blockchain pharmaceutical cases » – Legal 500 EMEA, Healthcare & Life Sciences, 2022
  • « Kilian Schärli has a great connection to the crypto market » – Chambers and Partners, FinTech, 2022
  • « We are really happy with his service – especially as he combines the legal view with a pragmatic and realistic business view » – Chambers and Partners, FinTech, 2022
  • « Responsive; trustful relationship; advice on more than just the subject at hand (e.g. cultural aspects or governance approaches); solid knowhow » – IFLR 1000, 2021-22
  • « Kilian Schärli brings in-depth expertise to his practice, which focuses on projects concerning crypto-assets and blockchain in the pharmaceutical sector » – Who’s Who Legal, Blockchain, 2021
  • « All our strategic decisions were made by Kilian. He was thinking outside of the box and provided multiple options on how to solve a situation – a skill only possible because of his extensive and solid know-how in his particular study of law » – Chambers and Partners, FinTech 2021
  • « Kilian Schärli is an up and coming young partner starting to make his mark on the team » – Legal 500 EMEA, Intellectual Property, 2021
  • « Kilian Schärli: super enthusiastic and dives deep into all areas of technology » – Legal 500 EMEA, Healthcare and Life Sciences, 2021

Transactions & Affaires

  • Conseil et représentation de Telegram Group Inc, un service de messagerie instantanée et de voix sur IP basé dans le nuage, en tant que partenaire principal pour tous les aspects juridiques suisses concernant le projet de cryptologie monétaire et Blockchain TON
  • Il a défendu avec succès le certificat complémentaire de protection de Gilead pour l’association de l’Emtricitabine et du Ténofovir Disoproxil dans un litige d’un nouveau genre devant le Tribunal fédéral des brevets et le Tribunal fédéral
  • Il a conseillé Modum concernant l’utilisation d’une blockchain pharmaceutique au niveau de la chaîne d’approvisionnement
  • En tant que partenaire principal, Kilian a conseillé Bitcoin Suisse, un fournisseur de services financiers basé à Zoug pour l’industrie des actifs numériques, sur tous les aspects juridiques de la levée de fonds de série A de 45 millions de francs suisses, sur les questions de propriété intellectuelle et sur le développement en cours du cadre réglementaire et contractuel en ce qui concerne l’offre de services de cryptage
  • Il a représenté Cellprotect Holding AG pour toutes les questions relatives au développement d’un nouveau médicament, en particulier la stratégie en matière de brevets et de marques, et divers contrats de développement et de licence
  • Il a conseillé et représenté plusieurs entités du groupe Bayer dans le cadre de différents litiges en matière de brevets suisses et en droit réglementaire dans le secteur pharmaceutique
  • Il a représenté et conseillé Astrazeneca, un groupe biopharmaceutique bien connu, contre l’entrée précoce sur le marché des génériques de Faslodex®, Crestor®, Nexium®, et Seroquel®


  • Université de Lucerne, Doctorat en droit (2013)
  • The John Marshall Law School, Chicago, en coopération avec l’Université de Pékin, Beijing, LL.M. (2012)
  • Admission au barreau en Suisse et admission en tant que notaire public à Zoug (2011)
  • Université de Lucerne, Master of Laws (2009)

Associations et mandats publics

  • Capital Markets and Technology Association (CMTA)
  • International Chair of LESI YMC
  • Swiss Association for Intellectual Property Law (INGRES)
  • Ordre des avocats du canton de Zoug


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  • français


Firm News

«Kilian Schärli brings in-depth SPC know-how to the table. Co-leading the blockchain group, he has experience in dealing with highly advanced technological cases»

IAM Patent 1000, 2023