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MLL Legal advised Arcium Association in $5.5M funding for decentralized on-chain computing protocol development

MLL Legal advises the Arcium Association in the development of a decentralized on-chain computing protocol for encrypted and private data processing. In May 2024, the Arcium Association raised $5.5 million in a strategic round led by Greenfield Capital bringing the total capital raised to a total of 9 million to further develop its confidential computing network.

Arcium’s technology uses multi-party execution environments, or MXEs, which combine different techniques — including multi-party computation, homomorphic encryption and zero-knowledge proofs — to secure computation on encrypted data.

MLL Legal advises the Arcium Association on all legal and regulatory aspects of its computing network, including under Swiss financial market laws and data protection laws and the launch of a native token in connection with the computing network.

The MLL Legal team was led by Dr. Kilian Schärli (managing Partner, Regulatory / FinTech / DLT) and consisted of Dr. Reto Luthiger (Partner, Regulatory / FinTech / DLT), Dr. Michael Reinle (Partner, ICT & Digital), Andrea Trost (Senior Associate, Regulatory / FinTech / DLT), Stéphanie Fuchs (Senior Associate, Tax) and Franziska Gall (Associate, Regulatory/Fintech/DLT).

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