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Our team is Switzerland’s leader in legal advice on issues relating to the digital economy. As a client, you will benefit from our team’s broad experience not only in traditional ICT topics such as software law and licensing, but also in newer topics such as e-commerce, digital marketing and blockchain technology. Of course, data protection and security play a central role in almost all of these topics. We attach great importance to pragmatic and solution-oriented advice and help you to realistically assess legal risks in the digital world. Our team has unique experience, gained over the course of many years, in supporting cross-border digital business models. We are assisted by our global network of personally tried and tested experts.

Our team can offer you access to experts on the following topics in particular:

Our team gives you access to many years of proven expertise in traditional ICT topics such as software law, cloud computing and outsourcing.


Our clients can rely on a broad understanding of data protection and data security coupled with extensive expertise in the digitalisation of business models and the associated legal and operational challenges.


Right from the start, our team has played a key role in the development of the digital economy. You can benefit from an enormous wealth of experience in both national and international e-commerce.


Digital marketing is the fuel of the digital economy. You can rest assured that our team is familiar with the latest technologies and commercial practices and will provide you with pragmatic and targeted support.


Artificial Intelligence throw up legal challenges across disciplines. Our interdisciplinary team, all with a deep interest and practical experience in the fast-evolving areas of machine learning and deep learning, advises clients active in a wide range of fields on regulatory compliance, liability issues, intellectual property, data protection and security, ethical considerations, taxation, contractual and litigious matters as they apply to emerging and disruptive technologies.


With our mix of expertise and technical knowledge, we can quickly give proactive advice on cybersecurity incidents and data breaches. Our clients also appreciate our hands-on approach to preparing for cybersecurity incidents before they happen, through assessments, planning and training.


“The MLL team in this fast-growing practice area is excellent, and I don’t hesitate to recommend them. They have smart, practical answers to interesting questions”​

Legal 500 EMEA, Data Privacy and Data Protection, 2022

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