Cyber Incident Hub

A successful response to cybersecurity risks requires collaboration across specialisations and international borders. The skills of technical, communications and legal specialists are all needed to prepare for, address and mitigate the risks. MLL Legal has built a network of trusted and experienced partners to provide a coordinated response to cybersecurity issues of all kinds, from preparing a cybersecurity response plan and testing cyber risk readiness to dealing with security breaches and investigating cyber incidents. We also provide advice on insurance coverage, training for staff and response-readiness test programmes.

Our Services


  • Cybersecurity response plan
  • IT security audits and stress tests
  • Data mapping
  • Data protection compliance
  • Assessment of security obligations to contractual partners
  • Advice on insurance issues
  • Cybersecurity training for employees
  • Preparing communication measures internally/externally


  • 24/7 security breach hotline and dedicated email (
  • Coordination of an interdisciplinary team of Swiss and international experts
  • Immediate access to IT forensic specialists to limit the breach and restore security
  • Innovative cyber fraud response, prevention and asset recovery services
  • PR and communications advice and support: social media / media monitoring & reporting; spokesperson; setting up of platforms and establishing stakeholder relations; drafting, editing and distribution of press releases
  • Business continuity advice
  • Advice and assistance on notifications to data protection authorities, sector-specific supervisory bodies and law enforcement officials
  • Advice on an appropriate response to cyber extortion and criminal threats
  • Identity theft monitoring service for affected individuals


  • Post-incident investigation of the breach
  • Recommendations to improve security and mitigate future risks
  • Support in bringing claims and defending proceedings in connection with a cyber incident
  • Communications support; reputation recovery measures

These services can be taken as a package or called on individually as required by your business.

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