Confidentiality agreement (unilateral)

This template provides a unilateral, Swiss law governed confidentiality agreement (Vertraulichkeitsvereinbarung; accord de confidentialité). The unilateral nature of the agreement means that only one party is bound by the confidentiality obligations.

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This type of agreement is usually chosen when only one party discloses confidential information. In case both parties deliver sensitive information to the counterparty, the form of a bilateral confidentiality agreement should be chosen. A template for a bilateral confidentiality agreement is also available as MLL-Docs.

Unilateral confidentiality agreements can be used in any context in which one party delivers sensitive information to the counterparty and wishes to ensure the confidentiality of such information and/or the fact of their cooperation. Confidentiality agreements are typically used in connection with the exploration and/or negotiation of (possible) transactions, in the context of any form of cooperation (joint venture, joint development etc.), with regard to the establishment of business relationships or for any other projects, in which confidential information will be exchanged.

This template is drafted in a way that either legal persons (juristische Personen; personnes juridiques) or natural persons (natürliche Personen; personnes physiques) can be parties of the agreement. In case legal persons are parties, a non-solicitation clause can be included in the agreement. If securities of a legal person are listed on a stock exchange, a standstill-clause with respect to transactions in securities of such company may be included. Moreover, the user may choose between different options with regard to the term of the agreement and with respect to other provisions, such as contractual penalty, data protection or place of jurisdiction.

The following items may be individually configured:

  • Details of the parties.
  • Background of the agreement.
  • Non-solicitation clause.
  • Standstill obligation.
  • Contractual penalty.
  • Data protection clause.
  • Term of the agreement.
  • Jurisdiction.

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