Our insurance practice provides comprehensive support for all legal, regulatory, and tax aspects relating to (re)insurers, captives, brokers, and InsurTech companies. Our service offering particularly includes regulatory and commercial advice, structuring and conducting M&A, capital market and risk transfer transactions, tax and data privacy advice, arbitration and litigation before all courts and authorities as well as internal investigations. To cope with the complex regulatory environment, we take an interdisciplinary approach and bring in the subject matter specialists with specific sector knowledge from our different practice groups. We have a strong understanding of technology, regulations and intellectual property, which also enables us to provide high-quality advice to InsurTech companies and to anticipate our client’s changing situations.

As of 2023, we have teamed up with Swiss InsurTech Hub – a nonprofit association with the mission to build and grow the leading InsurTech Hub in Switzerland – to promote knowledge, innovation and professional networking in the insurance sector. A substantial part of our contribution is the new chapter “Regulation”, headed by Kevin Hubacher, to discuss all matters concerning regulation in the insurance industry.

The main activities include:

  • Regulatory and Compliance Support, in particular authorization of insurance companies, registration of insurance brokers with FINMA, (cross-border) insurance services and product distribution, AML for life insurance business, FMIA-derivatives trading duties, solvability (SST and Solvency II), outsourcing structures, setting up of compliance procedures and internal regulations, forms and manuals, pre-screenings for audits, internal reports, surveys and/or investigations;
  • Debt & Equity Capital Markets, in particular standalone issuances, programs, equity-linked, hybrid and subordinated debt as well as derivatives, structured finance and risk transfer transactions (including securitization and reinsurance structures);
  • Tax planning in the context of risk pooling/intra-group retrocession, financing, restructuring, portfolio transfers, tax incentives (R&D super-deduction, patent box, notional interest deduction);
  • Tax compliance and controversy support regarding direct and indirect taxes as well as international tax reporting (FATCA, OECD CRS);
  • Corporate and Contracts support including full contracts management, in particular agreements in compliance with Swiss Insurance Policies Act, ISDA Master Agreements and other derivatives framework agreements;
  • Data Privacy, in particular support in data privacy terms/processes and inventories according to Swiss Data Privacy Act and the European GDPR, website checks and cookie policies, data processing agreements;
  • Litigation/arbitration in the context of claims settlement;
  • Legal Tech and RegTech features, such as automated documents solutions or support in AML-setups and finding specialized AML-providers, structuring DLT- and blockchain-based solutions

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