Environmental Social Governance

Our interdisciplinary team has been actively advising on ESG related mandates since many years. We have regularly been advising individuals and non-profit organisations and businesses on philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and social impact finance. In conjunction with the banking and finance team we advise financial institutions on their agreements and internal policies related to sustainable finance as well as on the new legal and regulatory developments in this field. We have experience in structuring sustainable financial products, including setting up funds which qualify for sustainability labels. Team members not only provide advice, they are actively involved in organisations promoting philanthropy and social impact.

Our team offers you access to specialists in the following fields:

Within the ESG team there are members who have been advising financial institutions for many years. We understand both the needs of the financial market and the regulatory requirements to be met in the area of sustainable finance as well as the opportunities which sustainable finance offer.


Philanthropy and social entrepreneurship require detailed knowledge of a wide range of legal disciplines including estate planning for private clients, commercial, corporate and tax law as well as social impact finance. We take pride in being able to offer the full service.


With the background of philanthropy and social entrepreneurship we are able to advise our clients also on setting up the necessary framework for social impact finance to ensure that investments made into companies, organisations and funds generate a measurable beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.


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