Sustainable Finance

International conventions, national laws and other regulatory frameworks are focussing on the financial markets to accelerate sustainable behaviour. This has led to a plethora of regulation and the need for financial market players and their clients seeking funding to adopt to the regulatory expectations. Our team members have been involved in these developments from the beginning.

Areas of expertise

  • Advising banks and asset managers on the regulatory and reporting requirements to be met going forward.
  • Offering regulatory legal updates on the fast-moving developments of regulators in Switzerland and the European Union
  • Supporting companies in setting up sustainability boards. Creating a sustainability framework for their organisation and drafting sustainability reports

Other relevant areas

Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship | Social Impact Finance

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Impact Investing and Social Enterprises: Global Progress and Challenges – Swiss Chapter

American Bar Association (ABA) Book Publishing, Edited by Alan S Gutterman and Robert L Brown, p. 255 - 263, 23 September 2022
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