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Senior Associate Promotions Q2 2023: Thaís Obrist-Bdine steps up the MLL Legal career ladder

We are delighted to announce that Thaís Obrist-Bdine has been promoted to the position of Senior Associate. At MLL Legal, we take great pride in nurturing and supporting the growth of our young associates, recognising and cultivating their exceptional talents. Thaís has demonstrated remarkable dedication and expertise, and we are truly grateful for her contributions to our firm. Please join us in congratulating Thaís on this significant accomplishment!

Thaís Obrist-Bdine practices tax law and is part of our Private Clients team. She advises individuals and companies on issues related to national and international taxation. Her practice also focuses on estate and wealth planning for Swiss and foreign private clients, in particular for clients from Latin America.

Patricia Guerra, Partner and Co-Head Private Clients, says:

“Since Thaís started, she has been an invaluable member of the Private Clients and Tax Teams not only from a professional and technical perspective, but also from a human one. Thaís is always available, full of energy and completely committed, even at times when her young family demands her increased management attention. She is very appreciated by our clients who, once they discover Thaís’ qualities, remain with her. We look forward to supporting Thaís in her further development.”

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