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The Global Standards Mapping Initiative (GSMI) 2.0

Catrina Luchsinger Gählwiler and Ronald Kogens contributed to the Switzerland section of the Global Standards Mapping Initiative (GSMI) 2.0 that launched globally today.

The GSMI 2.0 is the most comprehensive effort to map and analyze the blockchain and digital asset landscape across five key areas:

  1. Legislation and regulatory guidance
  2. Technical standards
  3. Industry standards and recommendations
  4. University courses and degree programs
  5. Industry consortia

GSMI 2.0 is a continuation and expansion of GSMI 1.0, which was released in October 2020 by the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), World Economic Forum, and partners. GSMI 2.0 is spearheaded by the GBBC in partnership with 131 institutions, organized into nine working groups. GSMI 2.0 includes the following resources:

  • Interactive map of blockchain and digital asset regulation and guidance across 187 jurisdictions
  • Report dedicated to the findings and guidance of the working groups
  • Catalogue of 389 blockchain courses and degrees by accredited academic institutions across 68 jurisdictions
  • List of 479 industry consortia
  • Standalone Reports on derivatives, digital and crypto asset regulation, digital identity, global taxation, and South Korea

All GSMI reports and resources are open access and intended to serve as a trusted source of information about the blockchain and digital asset landscape. Visit the GSMI website to access all GSMI 2.0 resources.

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