Speaking Engagements

Renato Bucher | IDI CONFERENCE 2023 Bologna | 9-10 June 2023

Renato Bucher will be speaking at the IDI CONFERENCE 2023 in Bologna on 10 June 2023.

Distribution and franchise agreements are almost always concluded between parties having a different negotiating power. Thus, the relationship between supplier and distributor, and especially that between franchisor and franchisee, is generally characterised by an imbalance between the parties. Lawmakers and courts tend to deal with this issue by protecting in various ways the “weaker” parties against possible abuses of their counterparts.

On 10 June 2023 Renato Bucher, Partner at MLL Legal in Zurich, will take part in the discussion panel “Strategies concerning the choice of forum and applicable law” which concentrates on contractual strategies aimed at minimizing risks of possible goodwill compensations at the end of the contract.

For more information about the program and for registration click here.

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