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Pan-European LESI YMC Conference on 30 September 2022

Kilian Schärli, partner at MLL Legal and International Chair of LESI YMC, will be participating in the 9th Pan-European LES YMC Conference in Milan on 30 September 2022. The conference is entitled “Sports and Beyond: IP and Competition in the Sport industry” and MLL Legal is the gold sponsor.

Together with foreign counsel Dr. Georgina Busku and panel moderator Francesca La Rocca, Kilian Schärli will be holding a discussion about sponsorship and licensing.

The goal of the event is to convey peculiarities and strategies adopted by outstanding protagonists of the sport field in the protection and exploitation of intellectual property, opening a dialogue on the points of contact and divergences in legislation among the different jurisdictions. The program is divided into three sessions, on topics such as ambush marketing, licensing and sponsorship. The new frontiers of sports in the virtual world and the metaverse will also be a subject.

The event, free of charge for LES members, will be held in the futuristic PwC headquarters in Libeskind Tower in the City Life District in Milan.

For more information about the conference and to register please visit the event page here.

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