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MLL Legal takes part in the Mentoring Summit hosted by Advance: Leaders Inspire Leaders

Advance is the leading business association for gender equality in Switzerland, a network of 140+ Swiss-based companies committed to increasing the share of women in management.

MLL Legal is a proud member of Advance and signed the Advance charter in March of this year. Partner Nicola Benz, co-responsible for Diversity & Inclusion, and Partner Catrina Luchsinger are representing MLL Legal as mentors in the 2023 wave of Advance’s mentoring programme. On 10 May, both took part in the Advance mentoring summit. Here Nicola shares her thoughts on the event. 

What is your involvement in Advance’s cross-company mentoring programme and what is it about?

The Advance mentoring programme offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth by matching high-potential female mentees with senior executive mentors from member companies to create focused partnerships. It is a cross-industry programme, which I believe encourages out-of-the-box thinking and a natural expansion of horizons. I am also really looking forward to supporting talent development in the exchanges I will have with my mentee this coming year.

What is the goal of the mentoring summit you’ve just visited?

The Advance Mentoring Summit brings together leaders from all over Switzerland and across all industries, sharing their experience in order to foster personal and professional growth. I had the opportunity to meet impactful business executives and benefit from the rich variety of others’ experience reflecting the summit’s theme “Leaders inspire leaders. 

What are you able to take away for MLL Legal both from the mentoring programme and the summit?

Sharing stories, both of the difficulties and of the successes in leadership and the advancement of all, gives me great energy to keep striving for a supportive work environment for everyone at MLL Legal. We benefit from hearing about the best practices of others, about what is possible, what works well and what doesn’t and to keep improving our diversity and inclusion efforts.

About Advance: It’s a proven fact that gender-mixed teams perform better, are more innovative and likely to generate more profit. With a concrete program, Advance supports companies to turn diversity into a competitive advantage. Because a gender-equal and inclusive workplace is a win-win for all: men, women, business and society.

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