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MLL Legal sponsors Trust Square Ecosystem Lounge opening at Paradeplatz on 2 November 2022

On 2 November 2022, MLL Legal’s partner Trust Square is hosting an opening event in its new headquarters called the “Ecosystem Lounge” which is located in the heart of Zurich at the Paradeplatz. The get-together will be co-sponsored by MLL Legal.

MLL Legal partners Kilian Schärli and Karin Oberlin and counsel Reto Luthiger will attend the event. For more information about the event or in order to sign up, please visit the event page.

Located in the heart of Switzerland’s commercial center, Trust Square provides a space for innovative ideas to flourish. With disruptive technologies as the common denominator, Trust Square connects entrepreneurs, early-stage ventures, businesses, investors and academics and allows them to pursue their visions in an open, versatile and diverse environment.

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