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MLL Legal presents its new Management Committee

We are very pleased to announce that we have appointed a new Management Committee Team, consisting of Kilian Schärli, Samuel Ljubicic and Serge Calame. On behalf of the entire partnership and all our employees, we would like to congratulate each one of them on this important additional responsibility and are looking forward to a thriving new collaboration.

At MLL Legal we believe in a leadership that is approachable, agile and efficient and that promotes new up-and-coming leaders with fresh ideas and innovative mindsets. So after a merger transition period of 1.5 years, Michael Ritscher, Jean Marguerat, Catrina Luchsinger Gähwiler and Peter Schramm are very happy to hand their positions over as follows:

“Kilian, Samuel and Serge are exceptionally bright and dedicated young individuals with great leadership skills, and as such we are excited to pass on the baton to them after this initial 18-month sprint of bringing our two companies together and shaping our future projects.”

We would like to thank Michael, Jean, Catrina and Peter for their outstanding engagement and support and wish the new Management Committee success and joy in their new roles.

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