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MLL Legal Gold Sponsor | Sports Arbitration Moot (SAM) | March & May 2024

Jean Marguerat and Tomás Navarro Blakemore will serve as arbitrators for Sports Arbitration Moot (SAM) in 2024.

We are excited to announce that MLL Legal is a Gold Sponsor for the 3rd edition of the prestigious Sports Arbitration Moot (SAM) in 2024! Our commitment to excellence in sports arbitration is unwavering, and we’re proud to continue supporting SAM mooties after a successful partnership with the previous edition. Our partner Jean Marguerat and senior associate Tomás Navarro Blakemore will also be lending their expertise as arbitrators in the 2024 rounds. The general rounds will be held online from 4 March to 15 March 2024, followed by the highly anticipated final rounds on 23 May and 24 May 2024, taking place in person in the city of Madrid.

Registrations are open until 10 November 2023. Follow the link to register.

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