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MLL Legal firm outing: up on Cloud 9 with the Greek gods

This time we are not here to talk about publications or awards but something far more important: team spirit. Last weekend we brought together our law firm – nearly 200 staff members from all different backgrounds, cultures and locations – in the beautiful city of Athens and shared a feeling of togetherness, camaraderie and “oneness” that is paralleled to none.

Today, back in our offices, the hot Athens sun might have burnt our faces, our feet might be aching from exploring all the stunning historic sites or we might have a sore throat from exchanging stories with each other (ok, some possibly also from singing and dancing through the night 😉) but the common sense that is very tangible today is that we are all still up on Cloud 9, buzzing to have our hard work rewarded by such an exceptional firm outing.

Thank you from each one of us to all Equity Partners for inviting us on this amazing trip and to Barbara Fischer, Cosima Trabichet-Castan and Julien Tron for putting together such a marvellous programme. It made us feel energised and excited to dive back into our roles here at MLL Legal and continue on the wonderful team spirit that was all around us these past three days. We are sure the Greek gods will be looking down on us in favour!

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