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ELLE@MLL is now live

A major milestone has been reached today: After six months of intense preparation, we have now implemented the groundbreaking ELLE legal software by Swiss-based Logol Group. Kilian Schärli, Managing Partner at MLL Legal, says: As a law firm with a high stake in advising high-tech industries, we can now proudly say that we ourselves have implemented a business management solution that represents cuttingedge technology. We look forward to revolutionising our way of working with the help of ELLE and would like to thank Logol, our IT team and all our staff here at MLL Legal for their tremendous support.

ELLE is a state-of-the-art business management solution specifically designed for the legal sector and brings together functions across the entire firm’s processes: marketing, sales, case management, time and billing, accounting etc., all managed within a single unified and integrated platform. It provides: 

  • enhanced collaboration 
  • streamlined processes 
  • data-driven insights 
  • seamless remote working 
  • enhanced security 

all aimed at elevating our productivity and our focus on the core of what we do: serving our clients. 

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