Russian-Speaking Desk

Our clients benefit from the operation of a dedicated Russian-Speaking Desk where comprehensive advice can be provided by attorneys who are Russian native speakers and understand local culture, mentality and business practices.

We created a special task force for non-business related matters which would focus on assisting people in distress on a wide variety of humanitarian legal matters.

We assist clients from this part of this World on a wide variety of legal and tax cross-border matters, including structuring their business operations through Swiss holding and trading companies, setting up investment funds, foundations, associations and trusts, purchasing existing business, shares, real estate, commercial and private jets, yachts and objects of art. We also help clients willing to move to Switzerland, notably, by supporting them in the process of obtaining employment-based and family-based residence permits B, negotiating lump-sum arrangements with tax authorities, as well as assisting in obtaining settlement permits C and Swiss citizenship.

We represent clients in litigation and arbitration involving Eastern Europe and Central Asia parties and/or issues. In particular, we represent parties before Swiss state courts, including the Swiss Federal Tribunal, in a wide variety of matters, including commercial disputes, debt collection and bankruptcy, attachment of assets and recognition and enforcement of foreign court judgements and arbitral awards in Switzerland. We also represent clients before arbitral tribunals operating under ICC Rules, Swiss Rules of International Arbitration, and Vienna Rules, amongst others, as well as before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). We equally assist clients in criminal proceedings.

In addition to that, we offer legal support to foreign companies and individuals interested in doing business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, notably, through representing them in negotiations and taking role as lead counsel.

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