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Reto Luthiger | Panelist | Finance and Technology Conference 2023

On 26 April 2023, our partner Reto Luthiger is participating in a panel discussion at the Finance and Technology Conference 2023 in Lausanne. This event is organized jointly by the Finance and Technology Programme and the Center for Digital Trust, EPFL, in collaboration with The Enterprise for Society Center (E4S).

The conference’s focus will be Decentralized Finance, its challenges and opportunities from an economic & finance perspective aswell as its future potential. In Part 3 of the agenda, Reto Luthiger will be part of a discussion on the subject of “Regulation, enforcement and accountability – are they actually compatible with a decentralized world?”, moderated by Mark A. Greenslade, Head of Research and Development, Casper Association.

For more information about the event and in order to register, please click here.

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