Speaking Engagements

Patricia Guerra | AI vs. EI: What Skills Will We Need in the New World | 14 – 16 September 2023

Our partner Patricia Guerra will be speaking about AI vs. EI: What Skills Will We Need in the New World on 15 September 2023 at Minds of the Future organised by Private Client Global Elite.

What new skills will be needed to replace the skills we have now, in retaliation against AI. Training and education? The role of emotional intelligence for Next Gen leaders in law firms. The evolving nature of leadership and moving away from traditional leadership concepts, why cultivating emotional intelligence is a fundamental skill for future leaders to cope with ambiguity amongst clients, navigate challenges with resilience, and to foster a collaborative culture to encourage diverse perspectives. How can we prepare for these future issues we can’t even comprehend yet?

Joining her will be Thaís Obrist-Bdine, senior associate at MLL Legal.
Minds of the Future is taking place for the first time and it is an event which will look to the horizon of the private wealth sector.

For more information check out the three-day-programme.

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