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International Women’s Day 2024: Inspire Inclusion

To celebrate today’s International Women’s Day, themed #InspireInclusion, MLL Legal invited all female team members to an inspirational workshop on “Women’s Financial Wellbeing” last night, followed by a networking aperitif.

We don’t just believe in personal inclusion and equal pay, but also want to empower all our female MLL Legal team members to discover the principles of sound financial management and overcome any potential gaps that may simply be occurring out of lack of time, opportunities or knowledge. 

Led by the brilliant yet down-to-earth Minna Schmidt, an experienced financial wellness coach specialised in simplifying wealth building for women and families, we learned about key financial principles that anyone can apply, as well as the power of investing or weighing risks in an easy to understand and interactive way. At the same time, we investigated the challenges women face in today’s (financial) world and why so many of us hesitate when it comes to financial planning or investments. The exchange and the exercises across all our locations in Zurich, Geneva, Baar, London and Madrid resulted in lively discussions and tangible actions, encouraging us to put our hearts and souls into the financial wellbeing of each one of us. 

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