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MLL Legal is a new member of “women in ip”

Women still constitute a minority in technically-oriented professions. This is particularly true for professions that require a technical degree and several years of additional training, such as the field of intellectual property. Accordingly, the industry-specific conservative structures and the course of day-to-day work in industrial property protection are predominantly adapted to male needs.

Our own MLL Legal IP team consists of seven women and nine men, so the development and commitment of women in intellectual property is evident within our law firm. At the same time, we wanted to make a clear statement of equality by becoming a new supporting member of “women in ip“, a non-profit organisation for the encouragement and communication of women who are active in the field of intellectual property. It counts various IP professionals, such as patent attorneys and lawyers, judges, patent examiners, professors, patent engineers, candidates, and members of the opposition and appeal boards of the European Patent Office. “women in ip” creates a platform for the networking of IP professionals in order to exchange experiences and knowledge. It also provides an excellent mentoring programme in which experienced members of the association act as mentors for less experienced members.

A great initiative all-round to promote cooperation and break new ground together.

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