Julien Tron | Private Client Rising Leaders Brunch | London

Our partner at MLL Legal, Julien Tron, took part at the Private Client Rising Leaders Brunch on 20 April 2023.

This inaugural brunch focuses on our Rising Leaders -with an intimate format designed to encourage plenty of contributions from their audience.  Their Rising Leaders are outstanding individuals who have been hand-selected by their Private Client Global Elite.

The topics were the following:

Session One: We the Gatekeepers: Regulation, Transparency and Criminalisation

This session was about the criminalisation of tax advice (evasion vs. avoidance) and their obligations as lawyers; the ever-increasing regulations around AML; beneficial ownership registers; reputation.

Session Two: What Preemptive Steps Can We Take to Avoid Litigation?

This sessionwas about what advice planners can glean from litigators with regard to drafting, family governance and advice, capacity and the next generation. 

Session Three: Modern Families

One of the interesting things about modern families is we all have our specialisms, but these cases are likely to be cross-dimensional. This session mainly focused on surrogacy and cohabiting couples.

Session Four: Everything But The Law: The ‘Squeezed’ Generation

This was a non-technical session that will, like the others, be under Chatham House Rule.

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