Share escrow agreement

This template provides a share escrow agreement (Aktienhinterlegungsvertrag; contrat de dépôt d’actions) regarding the deposit of share certificates pursuant to the articles 472 et seq. of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO).

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The agreement is tailored to the situation in which the shareholders of a company have entered into a shareholders’ agreement (Aktionärbindungsvertrag; convention d’actionnaire) and wish to secure their rights and obligations under such shareholders’ agreement (in particular the contractual obligations with respect to the transfer of shares) by depositing their shares with a third party escrow agent.

The agreement governs, inter alia, the appointment of the escrow agent, the relationship between the depositing parties and the escrow agent, the rights and obligations of the escrow agent as well as the events of release of the deposited shares.

The following items may be individually configured:

  • Details of the depositing parties.
  • Details of the escrow agent.
  • Details regarding the shares and the target company.

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