Incorporation AG (package)

This package contains all legal documents required for an incorporation of a Swiss law stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft; société anonyme).

If you purchase this package, you will have access for 90 days and create as many documents as you like.



With this package, the following documents may be produced:

  • Public deed incorporation
  • Power of attorney
  • Letter of acceptance and signature specimen board members
  • Letter of acceptance auditors, or declaration re waiver of auditors
  • Domicile acceptance declaration (if applicable)
  • Lex Koller declaration (if a notary public of MLL is engaged with the incorporation, see below)
  • Board resolution re constitution
  • CR-application for incorporation
  • Articles of association

For the incorporation of a stock corporation, the involvement of a notary public is required. In this package, it is possible to either appoint the notaries of MLL and instruct them with the incorporation, or to prepare the incorporation documents for any other notary.

Please note that the Lex Koller declaration is only generated automatically if a notary public from MLL is engaged with the incorporation as a notary public. When the authentication is carried out by another notary, we kindly ask you to use the declaration of the respective canton (in which the company is to be registered). These declarations can be obtained free of charge from the relevant commercial register offices.

This package currently only provides the possibility of an incorporation by cash (Bargründung; foundation en espèces).

The following items may be individually configured:

  • Details of the notary public.
  • Details of the company and the shares.
  • Details of the founders.
  • Details of the board of directors.
  • Details of the domicile.
  • Details of the auditors.

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