Conversion bearer shares into registered shares (package)

This package contains the legal documents required for a conversion of existing bearer shares into registered shares.

If you purchase this package, you will have access for 90 days and create as many documents as you like.



As a general rule, all bearer shares must be converted into registered shares by 30 April 2021 at the latest. From this date, bearer shares will only be permissible if a company has at least a part of its equity securities listed on a stock exchange or has structured its shares as intermediated securities. Companies that wish to maintain bearer shares on this basis must register this circumstance with the commercial register office until 30 April 2021.

For a conversion of bearer shares into registered shares, a (extraordinary) shareholders’ meeting must be held in which the conversion and the corresponding amendment of the articles of association will be resolved. As the conversion of bearer shares into registered shares usually concerns multiple provisions of the articles, a general amendment of the articles is assumed within this package, i.e. the articles will be revised in their entirety.

With this Package, the following documents may be produced:

  • Public deed (of the resolution of the shareholders’ meeting regarding the conversion of bearer shares into registered shares)
  • Declaration regarding cancellation of bearer shares (if certificates were issued)
  • Template for share certificates for registered shares (if issued)
  • Template for a share register
  • Board resolution
  • CR-application
  • Articles of association

The resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting regarding the conversion and the amendment of the articles need to be publicly certified, i.e. for the conversion of bearer shares into registered shares, the involvement of a notary public is required. In this package, it is possible to either appoint the notaries of MLL and instruct them with the conversion, or to prepare the documents for any other notary.

Please note that if share certificates are issued, a general template is created which can be used for any number of share certificates. In addition, a general template for a share register will be produced.

The following items may be individually configured:

  • Details of the notary public.
  • Details of the company and the shares.
  • Details of the cancellation of the bearer shares.
  • Details of the issuance of registered shares.

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