Change of purpose AG (package)

This package contains all legal documents required for a change of purpose of a Swiss corporation (Aktiengesellschaft; société anonyme).

If you purchase this package, you will have access for 90 days and create as many documents as you like.



With this package, the following documents will be produced:

  • Public deed
  • CR-application

For a change of purpose, the involvement of a notary public is required. In this package, it is possible to either appoint the notaries of MLL and instruct them with the change, or to prepare the documents for any other notary.

Please note that a partial amendment of the articles of association is required to change the purpose of a corporation. This means that the article on the purpose of the existing articles of association needs to revised manually. Therefore, no Word file with new articles of association will be produced within this package.

The manually amended articles of association must be at hand at the time of public certification and must be attached to the CR-application in a certified version.

The following items may be individually configured:

  • Details of the notary public.
  • Details of the company and the shares.
  • Details of the new company purpose.

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