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MLL launches new online shop for Swiss legal documents

Swiss law firm Meyerlustenberger Lachenal (MLL) launches its new online shop offering automated legal templates (MLL-Docs). The new MLL-Docs platform features enhanced functionality and a wider product range of over 200 templates for Swiss law documents that are fully customizable. The broad range of templates are available in multiple languages and include a number of products offered free of charge. MLL was the first law firm in Switzerland to propose automated legal templates to the public in 2017. With the launch of the new online shop, MLL continues to stand out as an innovative law firm in Switzerland that is taking bold moves to adapt to changing market expectations.

The MLL-Docs online shop offers automated templates that allow clients to create legal documents independently and tailored to their specific needs. The creation of a legal document by using MLL-Docs is based on an online questionnaire that guides the client through the process of document creation. When purchasing a template, clients have access to the system for 90 days and can create an unlimited number of documents.

The templates are available in several languages (German, English and French). In total, the MLL-Docs online shop includes over 200 documents. The offer ranges from simple forms such as board resolutions or applications to authorities in Switzerland, to complex agreements or complete packages for the incorporation of Swiss corporations or limited liability companies. For example, the following products are available:

A number of templates are available free of charge. These free templates allow clients to become familiar with the online shop and the functionality of the MLL-Docs platform. For example, templates for the following Swiss legal documents are offered free of charge:

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