Client Summer Party 2024

So far this summer, blue skies and warm temperatures have been rather hard to come by but… inspired by the undampened radiant atmosphere and lively conversations at our client summer party last week, the sun did eventually make a grand appearance and beautifully complemented the mediterranean culinary theme! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients and friends for their unwavering trust, you are the pillars of our success.

The evening’s ambiance was further enriched by the mellow jazz performances of our musicians, Sara El Hachimi and Kaan Peeters, and by Tapas de Maria who indulged us with exquisite tapas and paella – the entire team’s exceptional service was truly appreciated.

And last but not least a huge thank you to all our MLL Legal helpers and organisers – we are looking back on what was a wonderful night as these impressions express so much better than words: Photo Gallery Client Summer Party 2024.

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